What Have I Learned From The Blog Work

I have now finished my book, and this is my last blog post. During the blog work, and the six other blog posts I have learned alot. Because I knew i would have to wright blog posts about the book, I became a more observant reader. I had to really understand the book, and remember what had happened during the story.

I have also gained more insight into what the rest of my class have been doing. It has been both fun and interesting to read about what kind of books they have chosen, and what the books are about.

I have received a lot of constructive from my classmates, and I think this has been a fun, but also a productive, way to work with a book. I have learned a lot, and improved both my writing and reading skills. What I also have learned is to read in between the lines, and to understand what the book is really about.

To summarize this is a good way to work with a book, and you learn a lot from it.


What Is The Book Really About?

What is this book really about? What is the theme in this story? I would say that this book has a lot of themes, but in my opinion, the book has five main themes. These themes are friendship, war, fear, courage and survival. All these are central themes during the book, and are what the book is really about.

The Point of View

The point of view in the whole book is written from a first-person perspective. It’s written from Ellie’s point of view, from her notes during the war.

Here is an example, which confirms that the book is written from a first-person perspective: “I’ve had everyone crowded around me gazing at the blank page and yelling ideas and advice.”

Book Analysis or Book Report?

When all the tasks in this project are completed, I`m going to write either a book analysis or a book report. But which one of them?

A book report is a report of the book, without going deeper through the surface of the book. In a book analysis, I will have to go deeper into the story. What is the story really about? What do I think the title really means?

I think I`m going to choose the analysis for two reasons. First of all I`ll have the chance to get a higher grade than if I just do the book report. The other thing is that I think I need some challenge, and I think I`ll learn a lot more from an analysis than a report.

I`m not completely sure yet, but considering the two good reasons above, I think I`ll go for the analysis.

The Setting

After a week of camping in Hell, Ellie and her friends return home to a shocking sight. Their houses are empty, the electricity is gone and their pets are starving. They soon find out that their country has been invaded, and their entire town, Wirrawee, has been captured. This includes their families and their friends.

This is something that could have happened in the world today, so I would say that book is wrote to be from the same time as today. In my opinion, there is two main settings in the story: Wirrawee and Hell. Wirrawee, Ellie and her friends` hometown, is a typical small town in Australia. Before the camping trip, Ellie describes it as a safe place where everyone knew everyone. After the invasion, the environment changes completely. The air is filled with anxiety and fear, and a silence is filling the town.

The other main setting i mentioned is Hell. In the beginning it is a mysterious and unknown place for the teenagers, but after the war occurs, it becomes their home. Hell is the only place they can feel safe from the war.

The First Chapter of The Book

In the first chapter of Tomorrow When the War Began, we get to know the main character, Ellie. She and her friend Corrie want to go camping for a few days during the Christmas holidays. Ellie asks his father if she can borrow his Land Rover, and are allowed. They want to go into a place called Hell, an unexplored place and “a cauldron of boulders and trees and blackberries, and feral dogs and wombats and undergrowth” as the author describes it. The place are surrounded by spectacular cliffs, some hundreds of metres high. They don`t know if they can get down there, but they want to give it a try.

The rest of the chapter is mainly about how they gather their friends, and help them be allowed by their parents. By the end of the chapter, they have become a group of seven friends, ready to explore Hell.

My Choise of Book

I chose to read the book called Tomorrow When the War Began, which is the first book in a series of seven. I read the book a couple years back and loved it, so I am really stoked to have a look into the story again. I also know that there is made a movie about it, which I am very interested in watching after I have completed the book. After I did some research about the book, I got to know that the book has won many awards and that it is a bestseller. These facts did not make the choice any harder! Briefly summarized I chose the book because I know it is a very good and enjoyable book.